BUTTERMILK PANCAKES – four of the lightest cakes around 8.99
SHORT STACK – three cakes for the smaller appetite 7.99
BLUEBERRY PANCAKES – blueberries cooked inside, warm compote on the top with whipped cream 10.99
STRAWBERRY PANCAKES – rich strawberry compote on four cakes with whipped topping 8.99 Compote / 10.99 Fresh
BACON PANCAKES – bits of bacon cooked inside & two strips of bacon on top of four buttermilk pancakes 10.99
HAM PANCAKES – diced ham cooked inside and sprinkled on top of four cakes 10.99
PIGS IN A BLANKET – three pork sausage links wrapped in double pancakes 10.99
BANANA PANCAKES – slices of melt-in-your-mouth banana cooked in four big cakes with whipped topping 10.99

Something Different

4 CHEESE BLINTZES – topping of your choice, or raspberry cream sauce 11.99
4 POTATO PANCAKES – served with apple sauce or sour cream and scrambled eggs 11.99
NOVA LOX – served with sliced Bermuda onion, tomato & bagel with cream cheese and fresh fruit 17.99

Belgian Waffles & French Toast

PLAIN WAFFLE – with powdered sugar 8.99
COMPOTE WAFFLE – with strawberry, peach or blueberry compote and whipped topping 10.99
BANANA WAFFLE – with whipped topping and one fresh sliced banana on the top 10.99
HAM OR BACON WAFFLE – bits of grilled ham or bacon on top 11.99
ICE CREAM WAFFLE – thick and crispy waffle with ice cream 10.99
FRENCH TOAST – three large slices of fresh Challah bread sprinkled with powdered sugar 8.99
FRESH FRUIT TOPPED CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST – (choice of one fruit) 11.99
FRUIT TOPPED CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST – with blueberry, strawberry or peach compote 10.99


Egg plates served with your choice of three buttermilk pancakes or homefries and toast.

For egg whites add an additional $1.00

EGG PLATE* – two eggs, any style, with three buttermilk pancakes 8.99
BACON & EGGS* – four strips of lean bacon with two eggs and three pancakes 10.99
SAUSAGE & EGGS* – two sausage links with two eggs and three pancakes 10.99
HAM & EGGS* – a slice of ham with two eggs and three cakes 10.99
DICED HAM & SCRAMBLED EGGS* – three scrambled eggs with diced honey ham and three cakes 9.99
CORNED BEEF HASH* – with two eggs, any style and three cakes 11.99
CANADIAN BACON & EGGS* – three slices of the finest Canadian bacon with two eggs & three cakes 11.99
STEAK & EGGS* – 8 oz. rib eye steak, two eggs any style and three cakes 15.99

Breakfast Sandwiches

EGG SANDWICHES* – egg on a roll/toast 3.99, with cheese 4.99, with bacon, ham, or sausage and cheese 6.99
WESTERN SANDWICH – ham pepper onion and cheese 7.99


Our omelets are a fluffy souffle style made with farm fresh eggs
served with your choice of three buttermilk pancakes or homefries and toast.

WESTERN OMELET* – with ham, peppers, onions, cheese 11.99
POTATO OMELET* – with home fries & cheese inside & on top 10.99
ONION AND PEPPER OMELET* – pepper & onion inside and covered with cheese 10.99
LEO’S SPECIAL OMELET* – three egg omelet with sauteed onion, bacon & mozzarella cheese 12.99

Leo's Famous Breakfast Specials

Served All Day

WHEEL OF FORTUNE – Our Belgian waffle topped with fresh sliced strawberries, kiwi, and bananas, topped with Raspberry cream sauce and whipped cream. $13.99
EGGS BENEDICT – Lightly toasted English muffin halves topped with honey ham, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit. $13.99
THREE’S COMPANY – Scrambled eggs combined with Bacon, Broccoli, and Cheddar Cheese, served with warm buttermilk biscuits, fresh fruit. $13.99
JACK BENNY – our potato pancakes topped with honey ham, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit. $13.99
EIGHT IS ENOUGH – Scrambled eggs combined with sausage, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onions, home fries, and cheddar cheese, served with our Bocco bread and fresh fruit. $13.99
GREEN MOUNTAINS – Lightly toasted English muffin halves topped with sautéed spinach, honey ham, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit. $13.99
BREAKFAST PIZZA – Our Bocco bread topped with scrambled eggs combine with either bacon, sausage, or ham, topped with melted Mozzarella cheese, served with home fries. $12.99
EIFFEL TOWER – Our Apple, cinnamon raisin bread French toast, topped with fresh sliced bananas, and whipped cream. $11.99
SWEET DREAMS – Our Apple and Raspberry cinnamon breads, French toast style, topped with warm peaches, peach compote, and Raspberry cream sauce. $11.99
POTATO PANCAKE SPECIAL – our potato pancakes served with two eggs any style, a slice of honey ham, and a side of fresh fruit. $13.99
VANNA WHITE – A Belgian waffle topped with fresh sliced strawberries, bananas, and kiwi topped with a scoop of vanilla Ice cream, raspberry cream sauce, and whipped cream. 14.99
*KITCHEN SINK – A large platter topped with French toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, home fries, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit, served with a cup of coffee. $24.99

*If you eat the whole thing, you’ll get a free “I ATE THE KITCHEN SINK” T-shirt.


HOMEMADE SOUP OF THE DAY – Cup 3.99 Bowl 4.99

Specialty Sandwiches

RASPBERRY FIELDS – Oven fresh roasted turkey topped with sauteed spinach and Swiss cheese on our raspberry bread with fresh fruit 13.99
GRILLED APPLE OR RASPBERRY BREAD SANDWICH – with egg salad, served with chips & pickle 10.99 with tuna salad with chips & pickle 11.99
RASPBERRY BREAD SANDWICH – with fresh sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, served with chips 12.99
RASPBERRY BLT – raspberry cinnamon bread with bacon, lettuce, and tomato served with fries and pickle, sweet and salty 11.99
FRESH SLICED TURKEY BREAST ON RYE – served with lettuce, tomato, chips & pickle 10.99


Our famous Bocco Bread is a round pizza dough bread grilled with garlic butter and spices.

EGGPLANT BOCCO – Breaded grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese on our bocco bread 12.99
CHICKEN BOCCO – Grilled marinated chicken tenders topped with steamed broccoli and mozzarella cheese. You may substitute one of the following: spinach, artichoke, roasted peppers, onions or mushrooms 14.99
TUNA BOCCO – Solid white tuna salad topped with steamed spinach and American cheese 12.99
SHRIMP BOCCO* – Grilled Marinated shrimp, topped with steamed spinach and mozzarella 16.99
VEGGIE BOCCO – Fresh assorted grilled vegetables and cheese 11.99

Specialty Salads

(extra dressing $0.99)

JULIUS CAESAR – Romaine lettuce tossed in our own Caesar dressing topped with marinated chicken, roasted peppers and croutons, served with our Bocco bread 14.99 / Julius Caesar for Two 28.99
SURF AND TURF CAESAR – (made to order) Romaine lettuce tossed in our own Caesar dressing, topped with grilled shrimp and chicken, roasted peppers and croutons, served with Bocca bread 19.99 / Surf and Turf Caesar for Two 39.99
MELITA SALAD – Romaine lettuce topped with diced chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and artichoke hearts, tossed in our own vinaigrette dressing, served with our Bocco bread 14.99 / Melita Salad for Two 28.99
GOURMET SALAD – Romaine lettuce topped with marinated and grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and cheese, served with our Bocco bread 14.99 / Gourmet Salad for Two 28.99

Gourmet Burgers

Our burgers feature 8 oz. of fresh 100% pure beef (made daily)

PLAIN BURGER* – served on a toasted hard roll, lettuce, tomato, with chips & pickle 10.99
CHEESEBURGER PLATE* – hamburger on a toasted hard roll with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, served with potato chips & pickle 11.99
BACON CHEESEBURGER PLATE* – topped with American cheese and lean bacon strips, lettuce tomato, pickle, coleslaw & chips 12.99
LEO BURGER* – served with mozzarella cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato pickle spear, fries and coleslaw 13.99
BROCCOLI & CHEDDAR BURGER* – topped with fresh sauteed broccoli and shredded Cheddar, served with chips & pickle 12.99
CORDON BLEU BURGER* – topped with honey ham and Swiss cheese, served with chips & pickle 12.99
GOURMET BURGER* – topped with bacon, sauteed onions and cheddar cheese served with coleslaw, chips & pickle 13.99

Deli Sandwiches

(served with steak fries, cole slaw and pickle spear)

LEO’S FAMOUS REUBENS – choose from corned beef, pastrami or turkey topped with Leo’s Famous Sauerkraut, Russian dressing and imported Swiss all on grilled rye bread 14.99
NEW YORK KOSHER STYLE PASTRAMI SANDWICH – hot lean pastrami on fresh rye bread 13.99
DELI DUO – half pastrami and half corned beef sandwich served on hot rye bread 13.99
CORNED BEEF SANDWICH – New York Kosher Style served hot on fresh rye bread 13.99
PASTRAMI & TURKEY – half pastrami and half turkey served on fresh rye breads 13.99
CORNED BEEF & TURKEY – half corned beef and half turkey served on fresh rye bread 13.99
TURKEY, PASTRAMI OR CORNED BEEF – topped with coleslaw and Russian dressing served on rye 14.99
HOT DOGS – two all beef Kosher style hot dogs Served on a toasted bun with fries and coleslaw and our own sauerkraut 13.99
STEAK & CHEESE SANDWICH – Fresh cut rib eye on a hard roll with pepper, onions & melted cheese 16.99

Knishes, Knishes, Knishes

a large golden brown potato delight – a meal in itself

(all served with coleslaw and an old-fashioned barrel pickle)

MUSHROOM & CHEESE KNISH – topped with sliced mushrooms, melted cheese & fresh bacon 11.99
BROCCOLI & CHEDDAR KNISH – topped with broccoli florets and melted Cheddar cheese 11.99
PASTRAMI OR CORNED BEEF & SWISS KNISH – topped with lean New York style pastrami or corned beef & melted Swiss cheese 13.99
EGGPLANT & CHEESE KNISH – topped with breaded eggplant, sliced tomato and cheese 12.99
TURKEY & BROCCOLI KNISH – topped with Swiss cheese 12.99
SPINACH, TOMATO & SWISS KNISH – Served with chips 11.99


CHEF SALAD – julienned slices of turkey, ham and cheese w/tomato, cucumber, onions, olives and sliced hard-boiled egg 12.99 TOSSED SALAD – lettuce, tomato & cucumber slices, onions, cheese and ripe black olives (sm) 7.99 & (lg) 8.99
EGG SALAD SANDWICH – made fresh daily and served on rye, white or wheat 8.99
TUNA SANDWICH – solid white Albacore in spring water 9.99
GRILLED CHEESE – with fries and pickle 9.99
BLT – with fries and pickle 11.99

(extra dressing .99) • (Bleu Cheese .99 extra)

Side Orders

Side Salad 4.99

Our Boccocino bread 1.99

Grilled raspberry or apple bread (slice) 1.99

Bagel w/cream cheese 2.99

English muffin or toast 2.50

Home fries 3.99

Sweet fries 5.99

Eggplant fries 8.99

Oatmeal 5.99

Corned beef hash 5.99

Bacon, Sausage, or Ham 3.99

Canadian bacon 5.99

One egg* 2.50

Fries 4.99

Beer battered onion rings 5.99

Coleslaw 2.00

Ice Cream 3.00 Fresh fruit cup 5.99


Juice (grapefruit, apple, cranberry, tomato) 3.50

Orange Juice (Fresh Squeezed) 3.75

Milk 2.50

Chocolate milk 3.00

Hot chocolate 3.00

Tea 3.00

Coffee 3.00

Iced tea 3.50

Soda 3.00

Lemonade 3.50

San Pellegrino 4.00

Beer – Domestic 5.00

Beer – Imported 5.50

Wine 7.00

San Pellegrino 3.00

NY Malteds • Milk Shakes or Root Beer Floats

just like the old days 6.99

Alcoholic Beverages

Mimosa – 9.00

Beer – 6.00

Wine – 6.00

NY Malteds – 7.99

Milk Shakes or Root Beer Floats just like the old days – 7.99

Kiddie Corner






MICKEY MOUSE PANCAKE with M&M’s and whipped cream  7.99

1+1+1 – One pancake, one egg and one slice of bacon 7.99


* Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs reduces the risk of food borne illnesses


DINNER SERVED AT 4:30 P.M. • Ask your wait staff about Dinner specials

(All dinners served with soup or salad)


LION’S TAILS – Leo’s famous Lions Tails with honey mustard dipping sauce 9.99

EGGPLANT FRIES – Eggplant Fries with Parmesan peppercorn dressing 8.99

CHICKEN WINGS – with blue cheese 9.99



SEAFOOD PRIMAVERA – Shrimp & scallops with tomato, artichoke, red peppers, and broccoli, sauteed with garlic wine sauce over pasta 24.99

PASTA ALFREDO – Pasta of the night tossed in our lite Alfredo sauce with fresh broccoli 16.99

ZITI LANITA – Baked ziti made with Parmesan and Ricotta cheeses and our tomato sauce, topped with Mozzarella cheese 15.99

PENNE ALA VODKA – Penne pasta topped with our creamy Pomodoro vodka sauce 16.99

LEO’S CHEDDAR JACK MAC – Penne pasta combined with cheddar-jack and Parmesan cheese, finished with seasoned bread crumbs, then topped with grilled chicken $19.99


CHICKEN FLORENTINE – Fresh chicken breast, sauteed with spinach, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and feta cheese in a lite Parmesan sauce 18.99

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA – Lightly breaded chicken breast fried to a golden brown and topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese 18.99

CHICKEN GUSTAVO – Fresh chicken sauteed with onions, roasted peppers, mushrooms and artichoke hearts in White wine and a lite Red sauce, served with sauteed vegetables and potato 18.99

CHICKEN PASTA AGLIA OLIO – Pasta topped with fresh chicken sauteed in Olive oil and fresh roasted garlic, served with Bocco bread 17.99

CHICKEN FRANCAISE – Chicken breast sauteed in White wine, lemon and butter, served with potato and vegetable 18.99

LEO’S QUESADILLAS – seasoned grilled chicken, sautéed onions, peppers, and melted cheddar-jack cheese, served in a grilled flour tortilla, served with salsa, sour cream, and fresh fruit $16.99


STEAK GORGONZOLA – 8 oz. sirloin steak cooked to your liking, and topped with fresh Gorgonzola cheese, served with sautéed vegetables and potato 22.99

BEEF TIPS – Sirloin beef tips sauteed in shallots, Burgundy wine and brown sauce, with mushrooms, served with sautéed vegetables and potato 21.99

STEAK PIZZIOLA – An 8 oz. Sirloin steak, sauteed in a white wine and marinara sauce , with mushrooms, served with sautéed vegetables and potato 22.99

LEO’S FAMOUS STEAK – 8 oz. sirloin steak, sauteed in garlic and oil with sweet vinegar peppers, mushrooms and oregano served with sautéed vegetables and potato 22.99

SURF AND TURF – Broiled 8 oz. sirloin steak, topped with large shrimp sauteed in a Parmesan cream sauce, served with sautéed vegetables and potato 26.99


SCROD OREGANATA – Fresh scrod broiled and topped with bread crumbs served with sautéed vegetables and potato 20.99

SALMON ALMONDINE – Broiled salmon sautéed in a lemon, butter and white wine sauce and topped with roasted almonds. served with sautéed vegetables and potato $24.99

BEER BATTER SHRIMP – Beer batter shrimp deep fried to a golden brown, served with French fries, and our special sauce 19.99

FISH & CHIPS – Filet of haddock deep fried to a golden brown, served with French fries, cole slaw and tartar sauce 19.99

BAKED SCALLOPS – Large sea scallops topped with bread crumbs seasoned with butter, garlic, and shallots served with sautéed vegetables and potato 24.99